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Lettings Agents

17th January 2016 Lucy 0

In Britain you must deal with the individual agency that has listed a property, whether to buy or to rent. As a result, estate agents […]

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9th January 2016 Lucy 0

Nature shows are a commonplace feature on our television sets. Currently BBC iPlayer lists at least 23 series or one-off programs focusing on a particular […]

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Dreams vs Reality

8th January 2016 Lucy 0

Many years ago I learned to ice skate. My local rink was bitterly cold and only open six months of the year. The rest of […]

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Symbol of the South

29th June 2015 Lucy 0

I am a Southerner. I was born in Florida and lived in the South* for most of my life. My high school was named after […]

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16th June 2015 Lucy 0

“Fred, you in there?” Rhys Jones’s voice was tight with worry. Athelfred got up from his lunch of cheese and fruit and looked out the […]

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The Cost of Higher Education

13th June 2015 Lucy 0

The UK government seems intent on keeping higher education and the opportunities it brings to the rich, like themselves. If you are bright or ambitious […]

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Overcoming Fears

9th June 2015 Lucy 0

When I first quit working I decided the time was right to fulfil my dream of becoming a writer. I began reading articles about writing, […]